You are in Story Lovers Paradise if…

You love inspiring, magical stories and are intrigued by shamanic wisdom. A combination of the two? You want to see this!

You are a spiritual, creative woman facing a transformation, crisis or transition and you want to use your spirituality and creativity as the path to create the change you want.

You are committed to manifesting a dream or embodying your purpose and you love reading and journal writing. What? You can combine these passions to quicken your manifestation? Bring it on!

You would love to make personal growth exciting; to quest, rather than “work” on yourself….

You love female protagonists who overcome great challenges… But you prefer BECOMING that protagonist and overcoming YOUR challenges…


If this is you…

You BELONG in  the Dreamcrossover Story Lovers Club!

mariamar-butterflies-magicConnect in lively monthly conversations to author-storyteller-shaman Maria Mar as you read monthly storybooks and weekly shamanic stories that are a rare combination of true magic, inspiration and revelation.

Quest through the weekly Story Sagas, structured like TV stories ~with seasons and episodes.

Read this week’s episode. Then ENTER the QUEST for that chapter to discover the shamanic secrets and tools embedded in it.

Use it to quest for your transformation, manifestation and liberation through:

  • Journal writing questions
  • Self-assessment tools
  • Audio meditations
  • Sensual Immersion Journeys
  • Soul-nurturing Poetry Journeys
  • Videos
  • Multi-media presentations
  • Shamanic Laboratories
  • Guidance for ceremonies
  • ARTchemytm (Creative Projects as alchemy of transformation)
  • And more

By diving into these shamanic stories you use the shaman’s wisdom to:

  • Solve your practical problems using spiritual tools and practices.
  • Expand and shift your perception to transform your world.
  • Discover a wealth of spiritual teachings from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom that deepen your personal growth and stretches your ability to cope with the changes and challenges you are facing.
  • Find the Personal Medicine in your wounds, the power in your pain, the possibility in your problem.
  • Enjoy journal writing, creative writing and arts & crafts to enrich your life.
  • Free your potential, find your unique path to manifest your Dream, embody your purpose and create the life you want.
  • Get loving support to own your power, be the creator of your life, go through whatever changes you face and allow the radiant being pulsating in your soul to emerge and be expressed in the world.

The membership levels are structured for three different kinds of readers:

  • LEVELS 1A and 1B: Story lovers who want to read for delight and inspiration. You get:
    • A monthly storybook
    • A weekly Story Saga 
    • A monthly conversation with the author, plus
    • Invitations to Meet the Magic-makers: Meet Authors, Storytellers and Transformation Masters and other inspiring events, such as the Story as Alchemy multi-media alchemical experience. Read more.

  • LEVEL 2: Questers who want to read the story and then RIDE the story to quest for personal growth, transformation, spiritual evolution, manifestation or to break free from limitations and embody their full potential.
    • Do you like journal writing? This is for you!
  • You get all the above PLUS
    • The Quester Blueprint for each Story Saga
    • The ability to create posts to share your answers, feedback or insights and get answers to your questions, and
    • Yummy treats such as self-assessment tools, audio meditations and multi-media presentations. Read more.
  • LEVEL 3: Creators, a level for spiritual, creative women who are actively working on embodying their purpose and expressing their gifts to make a BIG change in the world.
  • You get all the above PLUS
    • If you not only love journal writing but arts and crafts, how about using Maria Mar’s trademark ARTchemytm to use fun arts and crafts projects to lighten, deepen and quicken your transformation?
    • You also get private journal writing feedback and guidance from Maria Mar every week to use the Story Sagas towards becoming your dream and embodying your purpose. Read more.


 Enjoy 30-day free trial. No credit card asked.

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10 Ways a Shamanic Story Helps you in your Real Life



Stories allow us to travel, time and again, outside the circumscribed spaces of what we believe and what we think possible. It is these journeys – sometimes tenuous, sometimes exhilarating – that inspire and steel us to navigate uncharted territories in real life.” Elizabeth Svoboda, author of “What Makes a Hero?”  in “The Power of Story” ~Psychology Magazine


What will I experience?

  • woman-healer-shamanEnjoy inspiring shamanic stories with strong female protagonists that overcome great odds. As the protagonist discovers the source of her troubles and transmutes her obstacles into stepping stones to her dream… so do you!
  • When you are in the middle of a story, haven’t you wished you could ask the author a question or talk to her about how the story brings you memories or insights? Well, now you can! You meet the author every month for a rich conversation.
  • When you read stories with deep spiritual wisdom and powerful human archetypes, don’t you wish that you could get inside the story, become the protagonist and have the same powerful transformation? Magical stories like J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist or the stories in Clarissa Pinkola’s Women Who Run with the Wolves are full of archetypal wisdom that your soul recognizes. But how do you actually use it in your real life? That’s something you’d often wished you’d know. Well, now you can!
  • woman-jump-joy-white-dress-beachWalk into your own greatness as you walk in the shoes of the protagonist.  Enter the quest for each chapter of the Story Saga and download the Medicine Stories for some of the storybooks. You not only discover the shamanic tools and wisdom in the magical stories. You will learn how to apply this wisdom to your life to create what you want.




“I could relate to every page, and the little bits that I would get to read each day made a difference in my decisions.  It was almost like I was going through, on a small scale, what I was reading at the same time.” Debra

  • Quicken your manifestation. Deepen your insights into your situation. Discover how to shift your perception to change your world. See your problems with new eyes to find the solution already present in them.
  • Transform your change into an exciting, magical Quest.
  • Enjoy journal writing and creative projects to accelerate your transformation.
  •  Sunset-Silhouette-people-happyJoin a community of spiritual, creative women who are questing for their dreams,  who love magical stories and are making magic in their real lives. Get inspired, supported and validated.
    No one grows alone. If you seek to do things differently you will find naysayers, friends who fill you with doubts and mediocre people pressuring you to conform. Getting a community that supports you and a guide that encourages you is essential to change your life and create what you desire. (Men are welcome to the Story Lovers and Quester Levels)
  • Discover a treasure chest of shamanic tools that you can apply to  solve your real life problems.


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The universe is made of stories, not atoms” Poet Murial Rukeyser

What kind of stories will I get?

Fantasy stories * Shamanic stories * Modern fairy tales * Women’s stories * Inspirational stories* Dream Stories * Real-life turned fiction stories Quest-thru Stories…

…and stories from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom to awaken the Goddess in you.

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Little Doe and the Sacred Heart, storybook from series
NEW! Song of the Ocean, ecological fantasy, storybook
NEW! Angelina and the Law of Attraction-full lenght novel
NEW! When the Moon Left, storybook
The Pregnant Woman who Forgot her Belly, shamanized real story, storybook with ceremonial guide
Joy and the Goldfish, fantasy, storybook from series
The Princess and the Empty Treasure Chest, modern fairy tale, Story Saga for 2015
Go from Blocked to Brilliant-Home Study Course for the novella
A Place for Roses, shamanized real story, novella


How a story helps you change YOUR Story
Psychological, organizational or social transformation is usually preceded or accompanied by a change in the story field governing that system. It is … non-productive to try to change forms and habits without changing the story fields that hold them in place. Once the story field is changed, subsidiary patterns tend to realign rapidly.”  The Co-intelligence Institute


Who is the author of these stories?

Maria Mar, Sacred storyteller who guides you to your dream.

Maria Mar

Hi,  I am Maria Mar, a PBS-TV featured storyteller and internationally known shaman. I live my life 24/7 as a transformational adventure, exploring ways to transmute pain into power, negative into positive, obstacles into possibilities… and I do this through the alchemy of story, writing and arts & crafts. Here’s what you need to know about me:

I breathe out stories. I write them in a state of grace, channeling strong female archetypes and powerful insights. I create delightful stories that are as potent as an alchemical elixir.This is my greatest blessing and I’d love to share it with you.

I am a prolific author with dozens of stories, storybooks, novellas  and a novel ~as well as personal growth books and products~ published. I have a line-up of a dozen stories at different stages; from the Story Saga I’m writing right now to the storybooks in the oven or waiting for publication.

Maria Mar in a shamanic performance with audience member.

Maria Mar in a shamanic performance with audience member.

What this means to you is that you will be the first one to read my stories, hot from the oven of my imagination. You will become my partner in creation, having a conversation with me and with my magical characters every week.

I also want you to know that my stories are not magical in the sense that we usually say about fantasy. Yes, they have the magic fiber of a good yarn. But they also have deep pockets of wisdom and alchemical insights built into them because I create stories that ignite transformation. I have more than 20 years of experience as a Transformation Artist, engaging art as a vehicle for change. I have helped women in four continents to change the story of their limitations to a story of their brilliance illuminating the world. In the Story Lovers Club I want to inspire you to write the story of your brilliance every day.

Oh, yes, and something else that is important for you to know: I walk my talk! I’ve not only worked more than 20 years empowering others. I’ve done as many years of personal healing using storytelling and art. I’ve conquered eating disorders, smoking addiction, relationship addiction, poor self-esteem, abandonment issues, wars between creativity, spirituality and money and even homelessness ~all using shamanic story to change my old stories, become my dream and embody my purpose.

Maria Mar on BronxNet TV Show "OPEN" with host Rhina Valentin

Maria Mar on BronxNet TV Show “OPEN” with host Rhina Valentin

So when you read one of my stories, you will feel the potency of a magic beyond bubbles and sparks. It is a deep soul-river flowing through the words, emerging into your subconscious. Why? Because I embed my stories with shamanic secrets from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom.

Want to know a bit more? Watch this quick slideshow:

Hover over slide to pause it. Use bullets, side arrows or center arrow to move to the next slide.

Author-shaman-storyteller Maria Mar


Maria Mar is a genius. She knows how to speak in a way that makes your soul sit up straight and pay attention. No kidding! Thank you for your inspirational teaching Kumu Maria Mar! Carrie Tucker, USA



What do I get?

Story Lovers Level:

  • woman-reading-flowers-coming-out-of-book-blue

    Click to see easy comparison chart for all membership levels.

    One storybook a month with a story written by Maria Mar.

  • One weekly Story Saga: a Story Saga is like a TV series with weekly episodes; each week there’s a new episode and you can interact with the characters and the author. You receive the weekly episode via the Story Lovers Club Ezine. You can post questions and participate with feedback for each episode.
    • At the end of a Story Saga, the story has become a novel and you have free access to the digital novel that is generated with your creative input, so you can enjoy the uninterrupted full novel!
    • If it is published in printed format, you have a 40% discount, just like a co-author would!
    • And if you promote it to your friends, you get a fee from each sale. You are in this together with the author!
  • Monthly live conversations with author-shaman Maria Mar for that warm fuzzy feeling, lots of laughter and an uplift to your imagination and vibration.
  • Seasonal special events, like Meet the Magic-makers: Meet Authors, Storytellers and Transformation Masters to meet more authors and get access to more unique, quality stories as well as learn new tools and practices for your transformation and manifestation. Other events you will love are Maria’s magical journeys, such as the Story as Alchemy multi-media alchemical experience.
  • Read the Story Saga in your browser from anywhere in the world, like you read any blog post.
  • Download the monthly storybook as PDF. Some storybooks also come in multiple-digital formats to enjoy in all your devices: Kindle, Android, Iphones, etc.
  • Enjoy VIP Readers Exclusive Treats and freshly baked stories!



BONUS! The Story Lovers level 1A (one-time payment)


Click to see easy comparison chart for all membership levels.

When you register for Story Lovers Level 1A…

You get a $20 discount on the membership for your annual payment.

You also get a huge bonus.  I’ll send you a 100% discount code for my new novel,
Angelina and the Law of Attraction. This is for a bundle that contains multiple
digital formats for all your devices (Kindle, Android, etc.).

Just to show my appreciation! 

Quester Level:


Click to see easy comparison chart for all membership levels.

The Quester is a deeper level of interaction ~not only with the story~ but with the shamanic secrets and tools from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom embedded in the story and with Maria Mar.

This level allows you to go beyond READING and to RIDE the story, using it as a vehicle to create the life you want, manifest your dreams and embody your purpose. 

At the Quester Level you get all the above, plus:

  • Weekly Story Quest Blueprints that allow you to quest through the story at your own pace in the privacy of your home. You receive those blueprints  directly into your inbox once a week.
  • Click on the post, and you will have access to create your own post with your answers to the journal writing questions, and/or your questions about the shamanic secrets. Or share feedback, insights or experiences. Share your quest with others in the Quester Community or submit it privately to Maria for comments. It’s your choice. Maria reads and answers every submission. If you post to the community, others can give you feedback and support you.
  • Each chapter includes a yummy treat, such as audio meditations, self-assessment tools, creative projects or ceremonies to explore the wisdom in that chapter, absorb it and apply it to your life.




The Power of Journal Writing
Expressing emotions through words may speed healing. Writing down your thoughts and feelings after a traumatic event can actually make physical wounds heal faster, according to a study from New Zealand researchers.” Amanda L. Chan, Huffington Post



Creator Level

All of the above plus:


Click to see easy comparison chart for all membership levels.

The Creator Level combines journal writing and arts and crafts with private guidance and support to journey through the story as a path for the transformation you need in your life right now.

It is only for women who are on a mission to embody their purpose and share their gifts with the world and are committed to using this knowledge to assume their authority and leadership to make big changes in the world right now.

  • Journal Writing is one of the most powerful tools for personal growth, transformation, problem solving and spiritual development.
  • Write from anywhere safely. You have access to a private, bank-level security online journal where you can write from anywhere in the world. No private emails flying around! You get to keep it for life and you share with Maria only the entries you want.
  • Now you can enjoy a private mentorship at a fraction of the cost through sharing your online journal privately with Maria Mar every week and getting personalized feedback, tools, insights and guidance.
  • In addition to questing through answering the journal writing questions, you also get an ARTchemytm Project for each chapter. Make your transformation fun while you boost your creativity through an arts and crafts project using different art modalities, from visual arts and creative writing to acting and dancing. Use art as a ceremony to quicken, deepen and quantum leap your transformation.
  • Get weekly Guidance, support and customized shamanic tools.  Invite Maria Mar to read your journal entry for more insights, support, tools and “stickability”… and see your transformation happening in real time!
  • Set up journaling reminders adapted to the pace you desire. These self-paced reminders ~with the additional knowledge that Maria is waiting for your journal~ helps you stay on the path, increases accountability and allows you to feel witnessed, strengthening your belief in yourself.


Is this you?


mariamar-butterflies-M72“My vision for this world is one in which people get up in the morning bouncing with passion and purpose because they are doing what they love and putting it into service on behalf of humanity. They are dancing to enrich the world, writing stories to inspire others, sharing their message to educate and illuminate, sharing their experience and expertise to empower and sharing their presence to help all of us evolve. There is nothing more powerful than a meaningful life in which work is ecstasy because you are doing what you love and what you came here to do. To help create this world, I create Butterfly Waves with other Butterfly Leaders, women who want to use their spiritual and creative gifts to make a big difference in the world. If this is you, I’ve made this level for you.” Maria Mar


 Maria Mar lovingly designed the Creator Level especially for Spiritual Creative Women who want to embody their purpose and share their gifts with the world to make a big difference. You are creating or want to create something to serve humanity through your talents. Through the private journal writing Maria Mar guides you towards that end.

Do you have a book you want to write or finish and keep procrastinating?

Use the shamanic knowledge and additional tools to use writing as the broom to remove what holds you back!

Do you have a career strategy that you want to implement, but feel insecure?

Maria will help you to apply the shamanic tools to your goal so you can move smoothly towards it.

Do you want to use your gifts and talents ~like visual art, dancing, writing, performance, video or a combination~ to earn a living ~but feel that there are too many issues keeping you in confusion and doubt?

Allow Maria’s guidance and the creative projects to nurture your Creative Genius and clear the path to embody your purpose.

Do you have an expertise or message that you long to launch into the world, but keep fretting and fixing?

Come out of the authority closet with Maria’s steady weekly help, focusing your journal writing in launching your message!



The potency of Art for Transformation
I would suggest that the need for art lies at the very heart of the world’s most intractable problems and it is through the arts that we can best experience the transformation that brings about progress in all areas of human endeavour….We cannot stay within the confines of the problem. Rather, we must work from the love within us to break through the barriers that prevent us from singing, dancing and expressing our highest vision for humanity.” Caroline Watson, Director and Founder of Hua Danand and Chair of the Global Agenda Council on Role of the Arts in Society.

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